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What is Keira Designs?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Keira Designs is a clothing brand that focuses on upcycled clothing and ocean gear bags. For my purposes, "upcycling" means taking clothing that would otherwise be discarded and redesigning it for resale. This means less waste in the fashion industry and more individuality. {Plus the clothing is just fun + whimsical}

The "ocean gear bags" are more commonly known as "Kook Cases". They are colorful bags designed for various beach/ocean activities such as bodysurfing, snorkeling, and free diving. Kook Cases are made with nylon fabric, purchased secondhand from a very kind cowboy in Lake Elsinore, {thank you Cowboy Steve!} and neoprene used from donated wetsuits. {thank you Del Mar Bodysurfing Club!} Again, these bags give shoppers the option to create less waste and they recieve a one of a kind bag.

LETS SUM IT UP: Less Waste + More Individuality = Keira Designs

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